Twins’ First Day of Preschool

I decided to do the same thing I did with Abby’s first day of school photo for my twins. I shot Cora’s in the morning before we left since I knew she’d play with me, but I waited until after school to do Emma’s. I’m so glad I did because she actually cooperated! I got one good shot of her looking at me AND smiling. Sort of. She even went and sat on the rock that will now forever be our first day of school spot. Open-mouthed smile 


Preschool has been a pretty difficult transition for Emma. Cora too, but not as bad as Emma. As I’ve mentioned before, Emma’s autistic, so she doesn’t handle transitions well at all. She loves the playtime portion when she can do her own thing, but sitting down and listening? She just doesn’t get it. All she knows is she wants to keep playing, but these strange women she doesn’t know won’t let her, so there have been lots of screams. I know it’ll get better, but it’s so hard to leave her screaming. And to come back and she’s screaming again. Yesterday, they’re third day in, the teacher said she did fabulous up until the very end, so hopefully it will get a little easier sooner than I think it will.


Cora tells me every morning that she doesn’t want to go to school. She’s very shy with strangers, and slow to warm up, so it’s going to take some time for her to settle in to preschool too. When I pick them up and ask her what they did that day, she always tells me she read a book, so story time is definitely the favorite for her. They have a folder that comes home in their backpack with paperwork. When they get to class, they take it out and put it on a table for the teachers to deal with. Cora calls it her library book. She cracks me up! Every day, she makes sure her *library book* is in her backpack before we leave the house. She also doesn’t like music time, but I think that’s because she feels a little on display. I did catch her at home quietly singing and doing the moves to the three songs to which they sing & dance, though, so it can’t be *that* bad. Winking smile