My babies are fwee!

So, um, I started this post weeks ago, saved it as a draft, and forgot about it. Oops!!


My twins turned 3 on the 5th. Sniff!  Because of Pinterest, I did more work on this party than I ever have on a party. I learned so much about the design end of Photoshop. I will be back with a more detailed post about their birthday party with pictures taken by my fabulously talented photographer friend, Kim. First, though, I attempted two different shoots with my kids to try and get ONE decent picture. Yeah, that didn’t happen. This was the best I got. We went outside the next day and played around on our front steps, and I got some beauties of each of them then. No good ones of all three, though, so those will be separate posts because this one would be way too long otherwise!


My favorite. Open-mouthed smile