If You're related to Damon or Me, AVERT YOUR EYES!

I was going to wait until after the holidays to share what I made for some family members, but I can't wait! It's just too cute! Rita, Paula, and my mom LOOK AWAY! Please don't keep reading. If you're looking for the girls, you can see pretty pictures here. That should keep you busy. :)

Are they gone?

I hope so!

I'm so in love with this accordion book! It's 3x3 square, so it's perfect to carry around in a purse as a brag book. It turned out even cuter than I'd hoped. The grandmas and Damon's sister are going to love it! If any of my clients would like to order one, contact me for pricing and details.

To the right is the plastic cover to protect it while it bounces around in their purses.

Front Cover

Back Cover

It opens up like an accordion so it's all one piece. This is the front spread.

Back Spread

Isn't it adorable! I can't to get their reactions to it.