A Family -- Colorado Springs Family Photographer

A few years ago, I met Susan at a friend's house for Bunco, and knew right away she's a riot! Her laugh is infectious and you can't help but have a great time around her. We lost touch after that, but she recently contacted me after seeing Vanessa's pictures and we did the whole "don't I know you?" bit. I was thrilled when she asked me to shoot her family because this was going to be such a fun, laid-back session. I was so right! Her whole family is terrific and a hoot to be around. And look how gorgeous they all are!





They decided on Garden of the Gods for their photo shoot. You can't ask for a more stunning background! The big mountain is Pikes Peak, and those rock formations is Garden of the Gods.

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-A said...

These are great.

I loved that I knew where you were in the very first shot.

(And I'm betting you didn't take them on a million mile hike... :-) )

Brandi B said...

Thanks! lol! Nope, I didn't. ;)