Session Info Card–Colorado Springs Photographer

Once upon a time, Robyn at Paperie Boutique had a “buy the store” sale over at her template store, Fit to Print. I’ve admired her marketing materials for years, so I was gleefully took advantage of this! I finally got around to playing with a few of the pieces recently, and created a session info card to add to my welcome packet. This was something I’ve been wanting to have for a long time, but didn’t really know where to start. Before I had the card, I’d include a very wordy letter with the same information, but I always worried key points got overlooked since it was pretty long. The Fit to Print templates helped me take that letter and break it down into easier to digest sections. My card is a combination of Design One, and the now retired Design Three. I printed them through ProDPI. I love that ProDPI moved to Denver not too long ago! Turn-around time for my orders has been crazy fast now that they’re just an hour away. Clients have been so impressed that I’ve been able to deliver their print orders within a couple days since I receive them from the lab so quickly! Open-mouthed smile



Inside Spread



Celesa Felix said...

This turned out lovely! I saw this from Paperie Boutique. May I ask what size card you printed these on?

Brandi B said...

Thank you! It's a 5x7 wide card from prodpi.