W Family -- Colorado Springs Family Photographer

When I first moved to Colorado Springs, I came across an ad for a running group that was just starting out here called Moms in Motion. I'd never run before, so this seemed like the perfect way to get started and meet other women here. I absolutely loved the carmaraderie and support I found in Moms in Motion! Vanessa was our fearless leader and put the Energizer bunny to shame! :) Each "season" would culminate with a local race, and she practically ran a marathon each time because she'd run back and forth the entire time cheering every one of us on.

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of going to her gorgeous acreage in Black Forest to shoot Vanessa and her children. I couldn't ask for a more stunning backdrop! It was so much fun seeing the kids' favorite spots in their "yard." What a wonderful home for them to grow up!

W Family



Eric and Allie

Vanessa and kids

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