I ordered my first-ever business cards yesterday! I'm so excited to get them! I ordered moo mini cards with 25 different images, so I'll get 4 of each image. Now I won't have to search for scratch paper to write down my email when I'm asked! And I love that they'll get to see a (very small) sample of my work on the front of the card.

I also delivered the first 2 cds to very happy clients today! For some reason, I was really nervous finishing them and delivering them even though they've already seen a few of their images. It became "real" today.

Finally, I created a zenfolio site for my friends to order prints. All of their galleries are passworded since many of the photos are not suitable for the internet, but I did add a portfolio gallery for public consumption. So far, I've just added images from the boudoir sessions, but I'll add kids/family photos next week.